How it works

Step 1
Customize your page and subscription price.

Sign in to BlogFun and click Edit. Go to the "Subscription Cost" section, set the subscription price per month, you can also set the price of a weekly subscription, a 3-month subscription, a 6-month subscription, a 12-month subscription. When setting the subscription price, users will be able to see your content only after payment.

If you are a beginner blogger and you do not yet have your target audience, we recommend that you make a free subscription. In a free subscription, you will be able to familiarize users with your content. You can also make posts available to everyone, but remember that 18+ content can only be available to your subscribers, making it available to everyone is prohibited by the rules of our platform and you will be automatically blocked.

Once you have gathered your target audience, you can make individual posts paid or transfer your account to a paid monthly subscription.
Think about what you can give your subscribers on a regular basis and what they will be happy to receive. Remember, you don't have to complicate things!

Step 2
Let your followers know that you are now on BlogFun.

For this we have a referral program. Share your link and earn 10% on your referrals, whether it's a subscription, a tip or a live stream!
Sign in to BlogFun and click Edit. Go to the "Referrals" section, there you will find your unique referral link.

Post on all your main social networks. networks to let all your followers know that you are on BlogFun.

BlogFun is the place where a special relationship develops between you and your most active followers. Remember, your followers want more from you than what you give them on regular social media. networks.

Step 3
You must be active and listen to your followers.

Submit your content on a regular basis to BlogFun. The goal is to have your followers stay with you for a long time and keep growing. Keep up the momentum, periodically remind you on social media that you are on BlogFun and attract more fans to subscribe. The more subscribers and likes you have, the higher you are in the rating of our system.

Create interesting content for your followers
Bloggers can directly connect with their followers via BlogFun private messages, find out what they need, get paid, and take photos, videos, and livestreams specifically for their followers.

On our platform, bloggers can have the opportunity to create more personalized content based on the preferences of their audience and at the same time build closer relationships with them.

A subscription to a blogger can be both paid and free, it is possible to sell individual posts.
We recommend that bloggers at the beginning of their activities make free subscriptions and publish their posts for everyone in order to attract a maximum of interested audience.
To make posts available to everyone, publish the post, click on "edit post" and "unblock post for everyone"
Financial interactions of a blogger with his audience, he chooses himself, there are no obligations on our part.

How to get rewarded
To receive a reward, in your personal account, go to the "Withdrawals" section

Funds are withdrawn within 4 working days to the balance of Solar Staff. When making a withdrawal, you must specify your login in the Solar Staff service. If you are not yet registered with Solar Staff, then write to us via the feedback form and we will send you an invitation to the service.

Solar Staff is a service for automating workflow and paying remuneration to freelancers. Through it, you can send a reward to a VISA / MasterCard card or a Qiwi, Paypal or Webmoney wallet.

Solar Staff generates invoices for each remuneration payment. These accounts can be used to verify the source of income.

The self-employed cannot receive agency remuneration on Solar Staff's balance.
The reason is Federal Law No. 422 (Article 4, paragraph 2, subparagraph 5).

Individuals who have indicated the tax status "Individual" or "Individual" in the Solar Staff account can receive remuneration.

There are 2 ways to change tax status:
• enter the Solar Staff account and write to the chat;
• create a new Solar Staff account and select the required status.

For the transfer of remuneration to the Solar Staff balance, VAT is charged in the amount of 20% of its amount. How to calculate the amount with VAT